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“Bringing back memories of one's childhood is always fun, especially certain ones that stand out in your mind.  Adding a cocktail to that memory, superb!”   Cheryl, Syosset, NY

“I married into a family like yours and suddenly my drinking was viewed as normal! What a hoot!  And some really good drinks too!  Michael, Buffalo, NY

“This book is a great idea.  It made me laugh out loud!  I would definitely need a drink if my relatives did things like that!”  Claudia, South Brunswick, NJ

Re: Don’t Make Me Stop This Car (see Sample Pages)

“After a few of these, I starting wondering whether or not my parents actually ever DID "stop the car", and what became of me.  Can't remember for sure, but I'll sure remember this drink!”   Mike, Olympia, WA

“The same thing happened to my mom in the 60s!  My brother and I were being impossible so Mom said get out and walk!  Needless to say, we shut up.”  Sue, Poway, CA

"I remember a family trip with much bickering and screaming in the back seat of our station wagon.  He's touching me, she cried.  She's in my seat, he yelled.  Be quiet!  You're driving me crazy, I said in the most crazed voice I was able to muster.  I slammed on the brakes, pulled over to the side and took off my belt swinging it wildly.  All was quiet for the next five miles or so.  Had to repeat about twenty times.  It's no wonder I drink."   Joe, Beaverton, OR